Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

As you can understand Speak Easy Speech Pathology services are in high demand, with clients and participants often waiting to receive appointments. We are committed to providing a high-quality service and our therapists dedicate significant time preparing for valuable appointments. In order to assist us in providing you this high-quality service we request the following:

  • With a minimum 2 hours’ notice, you contact us via telephone call, text or email as soon as you know you/your child cannot attend or need to cancel the scheduled appointment.

The speech pathologist will at that time reschedule your appointment accordingly, free of charge.

If your speech pathologist cannot attend you/your child’s scheduled appointment, the speech pathologist will act as follows:

  • Contact you via telephone call, text or email as soon as they are aware, they cannot attend or need to cancel the scheduled appointment.

Frequent Cancellations

As most of our clients hold a regular weekly or fortnightly appointment time, Speak Easy Speech Pathology is committed to providing a speech pathologist for this appointment. Reserving this appointment time and regularly not attending puts great strain on our resources. It is for this reason we have a frequent cancellation policy.

If you cancel 3 consecutive appointments, Speak Easy Speech Pathology will treat the 3rd cancelled appointment as a “failure to attend’ and charge for the appointment in line with this policy. Additionally, Speak Easy Speech Pathology reserve the right to offer this appointment time to another client.

Failure to attend (no show) Policy

A ‘failure to attend’ is a client who misses an appointment without cancelling it in line with our cancellation policy. Failure to attend is an inconvenience to our speech pathologists (such as time spent travelling to the failure to attend’ appointment) and an unnecessary cost to Speak Easy Speech Pathology. Accordingly, ‘failure to attend’ will incur a 100% charge of the normal scheduled fee.

If there are extenuating circumstances causing the ‘failure to attend’, please let us know and we can determine if the invoice in this case can be waived.